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Water Quality — (WWTP Load Reduction, Adaptive Management, 9-Key Element Watershed Planning, Monitoring)

Action Items:

  1. Reach out to IFRG, SEWRPC, Jim Klineschmidt

  2. Consolidate WI & IL Water Quality Data

  3. Breakout Session @ next year’s Summit

  4. Invite WDNR & IDNR to Summit to discuss water quality

  5. Keep agricultural contacts involved


Group Facilitator: Jeff Mengler, FREP

Sign up List:

Mike Stever,

Adam Lasch. ,Walworth County

Cindy Skrukrud, FRSG

Rashib Mahajan, Geosyntec

Guy from Troy WWTP

Leonard Dane, Deuchler Engineering

Scott Kuykendall, McHenry County

Dennis Dreher

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