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2016 Presentations

Southeastern Wisconsin FOX RIVER COMMISSION: A Quick Review, What’s New, an Item of Concern—  James Pindel, Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission, Secretary/Treasurer                                            presentation pdf

Fox River Ecosystem Partnership (FREP) & Northeastern Illinois Invasive Plant Partnership (NIIPP) Update—Jeffrey Mengler, Senior Project Scientist, Hey and Associates, Inc., FREP President                                                                                                             presentation pdf

Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge Progress Update: The Power of Partners—

Nancy Williamson, Regional Watershed Coordinator, Illinois Department of Natural Resources                                                                                                 presentation pdf

The Illinois Fox River Operators Group—

James Kleinschmidt, P.E., Baxter & Woodman                presentation pdf

Clamming Up: The Unexpected Natural History and Conservation of Freshwater Mussels in the Fox River and Tributaries— Todd Levin, Carroll University                presentation pdf

The Algonquin-Carpentersville Fox River Corridor Plan —

Brian Daly, Associate Planner, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning     

                                                                                   presentation pdf

Fox River Connectivity & Habitat Restoration & Status of Asiatic Carp Dispersal within the Upper Illinois River System — Frank Veraldi, USACE, Chicago District     

                                                                      Bighead and Silver Carp Distribution Map pdf

WI-IL Fox River Water Trail —

Karen Miller, AICP, Kane County & Rebecca Ewald, Administrator, Village of Waterford

                                                                                         presentation pdf

Coal Tar Sealants-Potential Toxicity of PAHs in Milwaukee Stream Sediments — Austin Baldwin, USGS Wisconsin Water Science Center

                                                                                       link to press release

Status & Management of the Invasive Starry Stonewort and Potential Implications for the
Fox River System —
Tim Plude, Water Resources Management Specialist, WDNR 

                                                                                       presentation pdf

Report Card for the Mississippi River— 

Harald (Jordy) Jordahl, Director, America's Watershed Initiative

                                                                                                   presentation pdf

The Evolving Science of Watershed Planning, Addressing the Need to Understand Social Context—

Aaron Thompson, UW-Extension

                                                                                       presentation pdf

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