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Thank You for making the 2023 Fox River Summit a success.

Presentations are posted on our YouTube Channel.


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Save the Date
Thursday, March 14th, 2024
The 12th Annual
Veterans Terrace at Echo Park - Burlington, WI 

Fox River Summit attendees,

Thank you for joining together on 3/16/23 for another great program and networking opportunity. The Summit is an important vehicle for our efforts to operate as a whole watershed. It is always interesting to learn about the various initiatives. Thank you to the sponsors, presenters, and participants there and virtually. As we say at Friends of the Fox River, “Together, we keep on fixin’ the Fox.”


Thank you too to the five groups that registered as an It’s Our Fox River Day (IOFRD) event host right there at the Summit. Impressive leadership! To the rest of you, please consider your interests and affiliations, and commit to offering some type of celebration of the Fox River Watershed for IOFRD ‘23 on September 16th. Visit to get inspired and assist you with your plans. An individual effort, group activity, or business venture are all important contributions.


Registering your event has been found to be motivating for others to join in as a host or participant. Your event will be posted on an interactive map and we will be actively advertising your involvement. We are especially interested in increasing our celebrations in Wisconsin and with schools for IOFRD ’23. Please contact us at to discuss your plans or to connect us with a school (our specialty) or register right now (you can edit your plans at any time) at:

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'23 Summit Sponsors


Lucas King

Thank you for your support!

'23 Summit Partner Organizations

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