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Farmland Preservation / Soil Health

2019 Summit Breakout Session

Challenges: Dams (Rochester and Wind Lake) causing streambank erosion


Action Items:

  1. Water quality testing

  2. Develop adaptive management program

  3. Continue to educate more farmers to start soil health management practices


Group Facilitator: Chad Sampson, Racine County Land Conservation Department


Sign up List:

  • Jonathan Grove, Racine County

  • Tom Greil, Watershed Protection Committee of Racine County/Farmer, (although he doesn’t check his email as much) 414-651-4076

  • Brian Gunderson, Gunderson Grain Farms'

  • John Kojis, Watershed Protection Committee of Racine County/Farmer,, 262-492-3731

  • Jon Bird, Watershed Protection Committee of Racine County/Farmer, no email  262-492-8438

  • Anthony Beck, Watershed Protection Committee of Racine County/Farmer,,  262-206-3954

  • Mike Stever, Racine County/Farmer,   can’t find his phone #

  • Tom Schuster, Landscaper

  • Dale Buser, SEWRPC

  • Peter Riggs, City of Burlington, Director of Public Works,

  • Chris Kious, Kane Count Board Member,, office: 630-444-1223      mobile: 630-248-1369

  • Scott Kuykendall,  McHenry County Dept of Planning and Development, 815-334-4560

  • Lindsay Birt, Huff & Huff, Inc.


Others in the loop:

Russ Weis,,  262-758-2640

John Holloway,, 262-914-5407

Cody Nelson,, 507-720-2998

Here is an example of a sediment removal project in Dane County


Cody Nelson - Soil Rx

2019 Fox River Summit Presentation: The Effects of Soil Health and How To Get Started

Dale Buser.jpg

Dale Buser - SEWRPC

2019 Fox River Summit Presentation: Pollutant Load Characterization & Streambank Erosion Prioritization Project Fox River Watershed, Southeastern Wisconsin

Nick Baker.jpg

Nick Baker - UW Extension

2017 Fox River Summit Presentation: Engaging Farmers in Cover Crop Work

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